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Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

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Lamborghini Asterion Promises to Take Hybrids to 199 MPH

Lamborghini’s leadership always proclaimed the idea of one Lamboghini model equals one engine choice. The Lamborghini Asterion changes that theory in a single heartbeat, thanks to new rules from the EU. Upcoming regulations made it necessary for Lamborghini to begin delving into hybrids, forcing the

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Ledge Pants

Hikers, rock climbers, and outdoor adventurers need tough pants to survive the wild. The rugged pants they wear most of the time lack style, but get the job done. Ledge Pants are some of the toughest pants on the planet, but at the same time

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RoomScan App Creates Instant Floor Plans of Your Home

Every home improvement project or renovation starts with measuring and drawing. Now you can create those floor plans in just a few moments and without ever picking up a drafting pencil or putting your hand on the mouse. RoomScan is a new app for Apple

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Ninja H2R – The 300 HP Beast from Kawasaki

Kawasaki has built the most technologically advanced motorcycle to date with the release of the Ninja H2R. The motorcycle is powered by a 300 HP, 998cc supercharged inline 4 cylinder engine designed by Kawasaki’s Heavy Industries division that specialized in turbines. The 300 HP engine