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Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

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Baking Bad: The Breaking Bad Cookbook

Are you hungry for more Breaking Bad? The television show may have gone off the air, but the fans of the fantastic show are ravenous for more. Baking Bad: The Breaking Bad Cookbook cannot bring the show back to TV, but it can help satisfy

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Amazon Echo

You had your wishlist ready for Christmas. You knew just what to get every geek and nerd on your list. Then Amazon went and changed everything. They even flipped your thinking on what to get the most tech illiterate person in your family. Amazon Echo

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800 HP BMW M6 Gran Coupe from PP Performance

The BMW M6 Gran Coupe is designed to a be  a sporty coupe ideal for a driver who loves performance but has a family, too. PP Performance recognized that not everyone was happy with the emphasis on family and wanted a little more emphasis on

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Luxe Valet – App Powered On Demand Valet Services

Big city parking sucks. Lets face it, when you want to drive to any important venue you end up parking blocks away and walking. Some cities are better than others, but most big cities are awful. You bought the car so you could use it,

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Bionic Boots Let You Sprint Up to 25 MPH

The fastest man in your city probably maxes out at 15.9 MPH. Tossing on a pair of Bionic Boots can let the average man to sprint at speeds up to 25 MPH and have a blast doing it. The Bionic Boots were designed by Keahi Seymour