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Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

ViperSwiper, Windshield Wipers For Your Windows

Here is a Kickstarter project that should be installed on every vehicle during manufacturing. The ViperSwiper is an easy-to-install wide window wiper and cleaner. Simply stick on the wiper to your window using their easy-to-follow instruction video and manual and be ready to enjoy awesomely

emoji keyboard

Emoji Keyboard

This just in! For all of you who can’t get enough of those very popular emojis, a Texas-based company have created an emoji keyboard that allows you to have all the fun in the world. You no longer have to hunt for emojis on your

2016 BMW M2

BMW enthusiasts rejoice as the M1 has been officially replaced by the ever so aggressive 2016 BMW M2. Under the hood you will find a 3.0-liter turbo-charged inline six cylinder engine that is packing a powerful 360 horses and 343 lb-ft of torque. Expect a

kangaroo pc

Kangaroo PC

Looking for a PC solution that is thin, lightweight and super practical? The Kangaroo is a Windows 10 desktop PC that’s the size of your phone and packs a pretty strong punch. It is powered by a 2.24GHz Intel Cherrytrail processor, it offers 2GB of RAM,

MAG Stickers

MAG Stickers

Looking to organize your kitchen knives in a trendy fashion? Mag Stickers are magnetic vinyls stickers that will firmly stick to all your smooth surfaces, providing easy access to your favourite knives without having a bulky knife block on your countertop. [Purchase]

2015 Whisky Advent Calendar

2015 Whisky Advent Calendar

We have officially found the best way to countdown the days until Christmas. The 2015 Whisky Advent Calendar is everything it’s hyped up to be. Countdown each of the 24 days with a different 3cl sample of whisky. Included in the 24 samples is a rare

Prison Ramen

The American prison population is constantly expanding and with expansion comes creative ways to prepare foods in your cell. In the Prison Ramen book featuring a forward from Samuel L. Jackson, you will learn 65 ways to prepare Ramen noodles in a jail cell. Featuring

Rinser Toothbrush

Finally, an innovative way to rinse your mouth while brushing your teeth. The Rinser Toothbrush solves the common problem, that’s not really a problem, of rinsing out mouth while brushing our teeth. Such a simple yet genius idea that allows you to drink water directly

go cubes coffee

GO CUBES Chewable Coffee Bites

This is probably the best news we heard all day! Going on with our morning without a cup of coffee is impossible for us. The issue we face many mornings is to snooze that extra 15 minutes rather than wake up and have a nice