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Abandoned Places – Yes, There Is Even an App For That


Abandoned places are one of the favorite topics we cover. The explorers find abandoned factories, hospitals, asylums, hotels, homes, and businesses that are intriguing, thought provoking, and often very eerie. Not all of us have time to go out hunting through cities and countrysides hunting for abandoned buildings, so an intrepid group of explorers and programmers came up with a clever idea. They built an app for that. Abandoned is a new app available of your iPhone or iPad that lets you see where all of their cool discoveries are located, and gives you a few highlight photos to help you decided if it is a location you want to explore.

It may not be as cool as uncovering your own abandoned building, but it is far better than sitting at home never exploring. The app lets you check out abandoned buildings in your own area, or in areas you are planning to visit in the near future. The app is currently available on Apple App Store for just $2.99.




Via Web Urbanist, Abandoned App, and Apple App Store