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AppSeed Turns Your Sketches into App Prototypes


You are sitting around the pub with your tech buddies talking about ideas to make an Android or iPhone app. You sketch out ideas on napkins, tablets, and make notes. What is your next step? If you have AppSeed, you just scan in the sketches and start filling in the functions. In just a few hours you have an actual working prototype instead of spending days or weeks redoing the entire process from paper sketches into digitized formats. The AppSeed project is pushing the concept of digitizing your sketches and then assigning functions and forms into the open areas of your sketches. It recognizes an open space is either going to be for data input, button functions, or a design element, and allows you to quickly assign functions to the scanned sketch.

AppSeed could turn those round table discussions into functioning apps before the weekend is finished. An innovative design concept that will accelerate app design dramatically.



Via KickStarter