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barHappy iPhone App

barHappy app

Are you going back to the same old bar tonight?  Ready to liven up your life and find hot bars filled with games, activity, and the crowd you are really interested in?  Then it is time to grab the barHappy iPhone App. This cool app takes mapping out bars to a completely new level.  You do not just get a list of bars which are in the area.  You get listings which include their current specials, happy hour times, what they play on their TV, and what gaming equipment they carry.

You even can find out what kind of crowds hang out in the bars.  If you want to be surrounded by guys screaming out their lungs as they watch the latest UFC match you can find it.  If you want a quiet bar which is smoke free, you can find it. The barHappy app does not cover all areas yet but they are quickly expanding their listings.  Forget about cool iPhone 4 covers and covers.  barHappy is the coolest iPhone 4 accessory to have.

Via Cool Material more information on barHappy