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Blackbar – The Mysterious Redacted Story for the iPhone


Eric Snowden, Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, the world is filled with secrets leaping out from behind the scenes. Reporters request access to government documents and receive pages or redacted papers filled with blacked out sections hiding the meaning and intent. Now you can explore this strange clandestine world on your iPhone with Blackbar, an iPhone app that takes us on a reading journey filled with codes, black barred documents, and the necessity to read between the lines. As you work through the story you fill in the blacked out sections to complete a story filled with mystery and intrigue. This cross-over between fill-in the blank mysteries, reality, and adventure novels will have you glued to your iPhone or iPad as you explore the secretive world of spies and redacted documents.

Blackbar is Neven Mrgan and is available for $2.99 on the Apple iTunes Store.

Via Uncrate and Apple