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360 Degree Panoramic Shots with Your iPhone No Base Required


There are a few apps for iPhones and Android phones that leave you in awe, but Cycloramic is about to leave you speechless with what they can do. You may have used your phone to create a panoramic shot before, but have you ever attempted to do a full 360 degree shot? It is hard without a tripod to slowly turn the cam, until now. Cycloramic takes the phone out of your hands and does the work for you. You just stand your phone on its edge and they turn the camera for you, capturing the full 360 degree image. Then you can use their software to tweak and edit to create a perfect flat image, or to turn it into a video.

Watch the video and find out how easy it is to create you own panoramic shots, then go download the app.



Via CoolMaterial and Cycloramic