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Egg Minder Smart Egg Carton


Yes, there is even an app for that. The Egg Minder is a combination of an egg carton and a smartphone app that lets you track your quantity of eggs and their freshness. Are you sitting in the office wondering if you have enough eggs to bake a cake and make some devilled eggs tonight? Just pop open the app and check. The electronic egg carton and app keep track of your quantity of eggs, which are the freshest, and if eggs exceed their life expectancy. A simple LED on the carton informs you which eggs are the oldest so you can rotate your stock with ease.

Is it worth $69.99 for you to keep track of freshness and your egg inventory? You might say no today, but the next time you experience that rank smell of a rotten egg, just remember, it could have been avoided.




Via HiC and ThinkGeek