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Facebook Paper – An Innovative Way to Look at News for Some

facebook paper

Facebook Paper looks fantastic. The fantastic new app from Facebook allows you to customize news from categories you really care about and be able to share it with friends in seconds. The app has an intuitive interface that allows for you to easily slide new content sections into your feed, or rearrange the feeds to fit your needs. With a simple swipe of your finger you can browse headlines and thumbnails in each of your categories and then dig deep to find out the entire story. This innovative new app, with similarities to FlipBoard, should get a serious look from everyone, or at least those who can get it.

Facebook Paper is only available on iPhones in the USA, with no current plans for an iPad, Android, or an international release. A great app, but at the moment it might be a bit shortsighted leaving the millions and millions of Android users to Google.

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