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Instaply Allows Customers and Businesses to Text Safely


Many of us have been reluctant to engage with businesses by text because we do not want our phones getting slammed by SMS spam. We would love to ask a question and get an answer from a business in moments, but hate the idea of a constant barrage of advertising hitting our phone. Instaply has come up with a clever solution to the issue. They create an app that allows iPhones and Android phones to leverage SMS without telling the business their phone number. The businesses have to join the Instaply network which protects both the business and the customers from abuse. The interface makes you feel like you are using a simple social app to ask questions and get fast answers.

Suddenly, you can feel like texting a business is just as safe as texting your best friend across town. You can learn more from Instaply and find a list of participating businesses.

Via Instaply