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Luxe Valet – App Powered On Demand Valet Services


Big city parking sucks. Lets face it, when you want to drive to any important venue you end up parking blocks away and walking. Some cities are better than others, but most big cities are awful. You bought the car so you could use it, but all of the hassles of going downtown, to sporting events, and other activities leave you walking several blocks from the nearest parking garage just to get there. Luxe Valet in San Francisco offers valet services powered by an app for your iPhone or Android phone. The app lets you request an on demand valet who will meet you at the door of your destination, drive your car to a nearby parking garage, and then bring it back to you when your event is finished. You schedule the valet service using the phone app and then 15 minutes before you need the car back you notify them again.

Luxe Valet will even fuel your car or wash it while you are gone to  your event. The price? $5 per hour with a maximum of $15 per day. Currently Vuxe Valet is only available in San Francisco, but have plans to expand to other major markets in the future.

Via Luxe Valet