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Modernist Cuisine the Eighty Dollar App That is a Bargain

modernist cuisine

If you browsed the iTunes store and saw an $80 app, how fast would you click away? We suggest you slow down and take a second look, especially if you are a budding home gourmet. The Modernist Cuisine is one of the most desired and sought after hardcover books on planet for chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. The problem is the book is massive and expensive. The hardcover book sells for over $500 retail and over $450 with Amazon’s discount. It weights over 50 pounds and has over 2400 pages of recipes, pictures, and instructions. Now all of that glory is packed into an app that sells for only $80, weighs nothing, and is searchable.

$80 may not be a bargain for most apps, but for any cooking enthusiast, The Modernist Cuisine app may be the biggest bargain of the year. Feeling a little cheap? You can buy individual chapters for $4.99 each.





Via CoolMaterial and Inkling