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Netatmo Personal Weather Station


Have you always been fascinated with the weather and the statistics and readings that meteorologists use? Do you have a child in your home who is a budding science geek who loves to keep track of the weather? The Netatmo Personal Weather Station will take  your interests and turn them into a raging passion. You can have the same quality of stats the weatherman reports everyday. The Netatmo Weather Station kit comes with sensors to use inside and outside your home.

The sensors measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2 levels, and noise pollution. The accompanying app for your Android or iPhone adds in air quailty reporting and the 7-day forecast. You can view the data in sophisticated graphs, store history, and do analysis. All of this high-tech gear is available for under $200. You are going to know more about what is happening to the weather on your block than any meteorologist around.






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