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Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

We whistle all the time to get our dogs attention, but Whistle is going to change the way we interact with our dog dramatically. The Whistle dog monitor records your dog’s activity, sleep, and other activities so you can keep track of your dog’s health,

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Pizza Compass App

Pizza is not something to joke around and Brooklyn agency Oak Studios and artist Daniel Blackman have come together to bring us an app called the Pizza Compass which displays maps of nearby pizzerias along with a pizza-based UI will tell you whether or not

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Yahoo Releases Great Mobile Weather App

Yahoo has seemed a little behind the times when it came to mobile, even though their weather data was the default source of Apple’s iOS. Yahoo’s newly released Weather app for mobile is a pleasant change. The app has all of the data you need

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GainFitness CrossFit App

You want to do CrossFit training, but the cost of the gym, coaches, and equipment has your head spinning. How can you create a CrossFit workout you can do at home, or at least in your neighborhood, without all the high expenses and time draining

hater app

Hater App

Like this, like that, ignore this, ignore that, what about the ability to HATE THIS? The Hater App from of course, Hater-App, gives you the option to break out of the rut of “LIKE” and be able to do some true hating. The Hater App

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Adobe Photoshop Touch

We are huge fans of everything Adobe comes out with and use their software solution on the daily. In order to keep up with demands of a mobile photo editing application Adobe has announced the launch of Adobe Photoshop Touch ($5 USD on iTunes). This app lets

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Table Drum App of the iPhone

Are you ready to grab the drum sticks and create some musical magic?  The Table Drum app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch is a great way to start mastering the drums. Instead of driving all of your neighbors crazy with the booming, cadence, and noise of

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Street Tag App for your iPhone

Deliciously naughty without illegality is the perfect way to describe the Street Tag for iPhone app.  As you walk down the street and see that beautiful expanse of pristine wall just begging to be tagged with a can of spray paint pull out your iPhone

barHappy app

barHappy iPhone App

Are you going back to the same old bar tonight?  Ready to liven up your life and find hot bars filled with games, activity, and the crowd you are really interested in?  Then it is time to grab the barHappy iPhone App. This cool app takes

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When comparing what you can do with Netflix or Hulu to what you can do with HBO on your iPod, iPad or iPhone, it is frustrating that you still can’t watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your mobile device. Worry no more, with