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Pavlok – The Training Shock System for Us


We use shock collars on dogs to train them. Pavlov used stimuli to teach dogs to salivate and adopt other behaviors. Humans try to use willpower, which often fails. Pavlok combines the research of Pavlov and the effective method of shock collars for us. No, you do not wear the Pavlok around your neck, it goes around your wrist. Using your smartphone, you set the goals you want Pavlok to monitor and when you fail to follow through, you get a eye-opening reminder that you have failed. A quick low voltage shock hits your wrist getting your adrenalin pumping and reminding you to take action.

The difference is we are in complete control. We set the goals. We set the reminders. We control our destiny with a shocking reminder from Pavlok. The Pavlok system is set to start shipping in early 2015, but you can preorder today for $149.99.





Via Bless This Stuff and Pavlok