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Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Goes Mobile

ask me anything

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything is one of the coolest events online. Imagine getting the chance to ask an astronaut, a movie star, or a business mogul any question and get an answer. Reddit has been running their Ask Me Anything through their website for a while allowing the mass of Redditors to toss questions to the people in the hot seat, questions reporters would cringe to ask. Now Ask Me Anything has come to the mobile world letting you get updates, ask questions, and see the unusual answers while on the run.

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything app is available for both Apple iOS powered devices and Andriod fueled devices through iTunes Store and Google Play. Are you ready to get those pressing questions out of your brain and in front of the experts? Grab the app and start enjoying the fun thousands enjoy every time an Ask Me Anything session begins.

Via Uncrate and AMA App on Reddit