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Reporter App Quizs You to Uncover Your Hidden Truths

reporter app

Are you like most of society, you lie to yourself? Humans have an amazing ability to color our world’s with small mis-truths to make us feel better. The Reporter is a $3.99 app for your iPhone or iPad that keeps track of your movements and other information unobtrusively, but also prompts you to answer a few simple surveys during the day to help keep you on track. Reporter is a creation from Nicholas Feldon, best known for the creation of the Facebook Timeline and his Annual Reporter. What do you get when you use Reporter? An unabashed view of your life as you really live it. You get a report on your activities, your results, and other facts that help you make better decisions to improve your life on a daily basis.

If you have always wanted a way to motivate yourself and kill those self-defeating habits, Reporter can help you accomplish it.

Via Uncrate and Reporter