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RoomScan App Creates Instant Floor Plans of Your Home

roomscan app

Every home improvement project or renovation starts with measuring and drawing. Now you can create those floor plans in just a few moments and without ever picking up a drafting pencil or putting your hand on the mouse. RoomScan is a new app for Apple iOS devices that allows you to map out your entire house by following simple on-screen instructions. The app leverages GPS technology and the iPhone’s processing power to measure the room and then create the plans. You are guided to hold your iPhone against each wall and let the app record the location. Once you finish tagging each wall with your phone, the app creates the floor plans for you.

Imagine how useful the app would be while you search for a new home. In just a few minutes you could have floor plans of every home you look at to help you make smarter decisions. The price? Free.

Via HiConsumption and RoomScan on the Itunes Store