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Sooshi is An App for Those With a Serious Raw Fish Addiction


Do you love sooshi, but sometimes wonder what is tucked into those amazing little rolls? Sooshi is an amazing app for the iPhone that teaches you all about sooshi. You learn about different recipes, wraps, seasonings, and preparation techniques. The app can even help you locate the best sooshi restaurants in your area. Imagine how helpful the Sooshi app can be when you are sitting at a sooshi bar unsure of what item you want to order. You can pull up all the facts and order the meal you really want.

Sooshi is the perfect app for the person with a serious sooshi addiction, which would be nearly everyone if they would just give it a try. Maybe you can use Sooshi to teach your reluctant friends how great a treat they are missing out on.







Via Bless This Stuff and Download via iTunes App Store