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Street Tag App for your iPhone

Street Tag iPhone App

Deliciously naughty without illegality is the perfect way to describe the Street Tag for iPhone app.  As you walk down the street and see that beautiful expanse of pristine wall just begging to be tagged with a can of spray paint pull out your iPhone and let it rip. The Street Tag app takes a fast snapshot of the wall and then lets you loose with your virtual spray can to paint you message or artwork on the wall.  This is just the beginning of what you can do once you transform your iPhone into the best gadget for street tagging.

The app then allows you to connect into your social network and share you creation.  Imagine the fun contests you can have with friends by having everyone compete to make the coolest tag on the most unusual walls around.  You can be creatively destructive without the damage. The app works with the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, iPad, and iPad 2.  What makes the Street Tag app even cooler is the price.  This cool app is a free download from Channel 4.

Via HypeBeast can be found on iTunes