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Tripsaver, The Ultimate Budget Traveling App

tripsaver app

Nomadic Matt, aka Matt Kepnes, is famous for his journeys around the world on a budget of just $50 per day. His books, videos, and broadcasts on television showcase his uncanny ability to find the ultimate way to travel in style while keeping it ridiculously cheap. Matt originally kept all of his notes on expenses, budgets, and destinations on Moleskin notebooks, but realized how tedious that made his task and yours. This led him to design an app, The Tripsaver, that helps you keep track of your budget on a minute-by-minute basis along with keeping notes about destinations, prices, calculating exchange rates, and all of the other critical functions required to travel on a tiny budget. His app is being designed and written through a KickStarter project and has already met the goal to create the Apple App and is approaching his target to have the Android App launch at the same time.

If you love traveling cheap, you can reserve your copy of the app for a measly $1, or lock in some cool bonuses by pledging a few more dollars.

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