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Bangkok House with a Unique Twist on Privacy


Imagine living in a community that insists you do not put up any privacy fences, screens, or other visual obstructions on your yard. Living in with this community requires that you use unique ways to maintain your privacy and keep curious eyes from penetrating into your home without the necessity of closing off your own pleasure of enjoying your yard.

The Team at the Department of Architecture in Thailand took on this challenge and created an incredible home that provides privacy while letting the owners enjoy every visual aspect of their property. They used a combination of slatted walls, refracting glass walls, and clever placement of plants in the interior and exterior areas of the home. What they end up with is a home that provides tremendous levels of privacy for the residents while still allowing them to see out to their yard and have natural sunlight brighten the home.

The DOA team used wood extensively throughout the house and on the decks of the home to help it mesh with the yard. The final result is a home that fits perfectly into the neighborhood and environment, while providing a safe getaway.











Via Department of Architecture and Home Designing