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Kim Jong-un Confirms Design For a $200 Million International Airport

kim jong-un international airport

In a very intriguing move, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, has asked Hong Kong based architects at PLT to design a $200 Million Dollar rebuild of the Pyongyang Airport. The airport is currently a military airport but is being redone to have a high-quality international airport capable of handling business people and tourists. This seems like a very strange move for a country that is isolated from most of the world. The airport is located in an area that is open sporadically to South Korean visitors and Chinese tourists. The airport redesign is aimed to create a world class airport with all the amenities world travelers desire and the current sketches from PLT look incredible.

Are these moves a softening of the hard-line stance of North Korea showing a new willingness to join the international community? Things are definitely changing with their recent entry onto Instagram and now the plans to build a new airport.





Via Gizmodo and PLT