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Norway Sky Bridge Stretches Longer Than Golden Gate Bridge

bridge in norway

The Hardanger Bridge in Norway, aka the Norway Sky Bridge, stretches 20 meters longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco pushing this new bridge into the top 10 longest bridges in the world. The total length of the bridge is 1310 meters. This long suspension bridge is held aloft by two towers on the land to each side of the deep fjord due to the water depth of 500 meters near the sides and mountains standing over 1200 meters just to their side. An impressive walkway flows along the cables holding the road aloft. The walkway is wide enough for four workers to stand side-by-side. The bridge even includes paths for bicycles and pedestrians to enjoy the impressive views between the two counties. In addition to this amazing bridge, the project includes over 2500 meters of tunnels. That makes for one impressive scenic adventure through Norway.




Via Statens Vegvesen Design