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One Hyde Park, Most Expensive Flat in London

one hyde park

One Hyde Park in London is one of those places that if you have to ask, you cannot afford it. This exclusive location hosts the most expensive flat in all of London and reportedly is worth every pence. Location is what starts the value and desirability climbing. One Hyde Park is situated with Hyde Park to one side and the amazing Knightsbridge area to the other side. If you have not figured this out already, the One Hyde Park location is a series of apartments offered through the Mandarin Oriental. Not only are you getting a location that is exquisite, you get all the services and amenities of the Mandarin Oriental. Are you feeling hungry at 2 AM? Call down to room service and have food delivered. Do you want to swim in the 21 meter ozone stainless steel swimming pool? Just go ahead, it is included.

Amazingly, with the extreme costs of this location the apartments stay full constantly. If you want to grab one, you need to inquire and get on the waiting list, but make sure you come prepared with an open wallet and plenty of cash.



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