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Restored Bus Mobile Home

Restored-Bus Mobile Home

As a final year architecture student, Hank Buttita has a challenge on his hands. He was tired of drawing, designing, and working on paper or computer in theoretical terms only. He made a decision that would be daunting to most craftsmen and bought a bus to apply his ideas and theories on. The idea was to create a bus that could double as a cabin on his grandfather’s land, plus would allow him to travel the region visiting friends and family. The bus interior uses massive amounts of plywood, with almost every piece of furniture being designed with dual purposes. Seat boards can be attached to an under window rail to double as tables. The couches on two sides of the bus move on slides to form a single full-size bed. The same couch-bed combo had built-in storage. After 15 gruelling weeks on the build and a thesis presentation, Hank took to the road to travel a large circuit covering the western half of the USA visiting friends and documenting the experience.

The incredible build and journey continues as Hank travel his plan. You can follow along on his blog and explore the amazing life of living on a restored school bus.








Via Hank Bought a Bus