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The Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers


70 Meters above the water in Sydney Australia, leaning out over the rocky cliff, stands the Holman House, a creation of Durbach Block Jaggers Architects. Many homes are created near a cliff, or even at cliff side, but rarely is a home created that challenges nature to stretching out from the cliff capturing the glory of freedom from land and the scenic water crashing below. The majority of this large elegant home flows along the cliff’s edge capture the beauty of nature and rugged rock formation. The rocky area becomes a key element of the home, an integral part of the home’s beauty. The observation deck is where the real action begin. This elegant living space stretches out from the cliff allowing the home owner’s an open view to the cliffs below and the rugged coast at the bottom of the 70 meter drop.

The home’s interior is elegant, open, and inviting, but the real cornerstone of the home’s magic is found both on the edge and standing powerfully over the edge of nature’s rugged cliff.










Via Airows and Durbach Block Jaggers Architects