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The Most Amazing Airport Lounges in the World

airport lounges

Airport lounges are not your destination, but some lounges are so intriguing, inviting, and fun, that they could easily become a stop-over you do not want to miss. Imagine an airport lounge with a 98 foot long vertical garden filled with 8,400 plants. You can find it in the incredible lounge in Sydney. It probably comes as no shock that Virgin Atlantic’s lounge at JFK airport makes the list. Virgin’s design style is in full swing with a lounge that looks like the hottest bar in town and bathrooms that beg us to stay for a week. Want something a little different, a little more personal? Check out theĀ Finnair Lounge at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The chairs may be the most comfortable seat you find in your travels and are paired with unique lighted tables that give you a feeling of exclusion, relaxation, and pampering that is hard to forget.

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Via Airows