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Waterscrapers Might Be The Future for Our Skyscrapers


The annual skyscraper concept contest by Evolvo magazine took an unusual turn a few years ago that is beginning to gather more interest. Malaysian designer Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum entered a design that took the skyscraper off the land and buried it in the ocean. His design proposes building a waterscraper as tall as the Empire State Building that floats in the ocean with only the two top floors above the ocean surface. The building is 100% self-sustainable using solar, wind, and wave power to create electricity. The building houses growing areas to produce food, living quarters, offices, and entertainment.

While the concept is not currently being considered for construction, interest in the concept continues to grow due to global warming, rising seas, and other environmental factors that may make our oceans the safest place on earth.



Via Unique Inspiration and Evolvo Magazine