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Asus G74SX Gaming Laptop

ASUS G74 Gaming Laptop

All of those friends who told you it is impossible to play high-speed games on a laptop are in for a big shock.  The Asus G74 Gaming Laptop has the power to put you at the top of the gaming world.  This laptop is packed with all of the latest technology and coolest gadgets you need for high performance play. 

The Asus G74SX starts off with Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB of Memory, an Nvidia G560M Graphics processor with 3GB of video RAM powering the 17.3″  full HD monitor.  It is not just average video RAM either, it is high speed GDDR5 memory to make sure your graphics scream.  This Asus Gaming Laptop fully supports Microsoft DirectX 11.

Graphics and processing is only part of the story in gaming.  You want  to hear the footsteps coming from behind you and the roar of engines when you are racing.  The G74SX has a THX plus EAX 5.0 Gaming Audio system to make sure your sound is perfect.

This is the perfect gaming laptop to take to LAN parties or to sit down in Starbucks and blow people away on your favorite online games.   This amazing gaming laptop can be purchased online for $1745.00.

Via The Awesomer and AsusTek purchase from ExcaliburPC