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Roland TR808 Flash Drive

Roland TR-808 Flash Drive

Are you looking for the best gifts for men who love to make music?  You would never be able to choose the right audio equipment for them, but you can give them something they will love, the Roland TR808 Flash Drive. The 8GB Flash drive is a highly accurate reproduction of the Legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine and Synthesizer.  The Roland TR-808 is famous among musician and producers for changing the way the world made music.

By giving this tiny Roland TR-808 Flash drive to a musician friend you are providing them with a touch of history and a very useful device.  The can store hundreds of sound tracks, beats, and music sheets on this tiny flash drive. The drive supports USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 for compatibility with all PC and Apple computers.

Can be purchased through AlkotaBeats for $39.99