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Washable Keyboard by Logitech

logitech washable keyboard

Have you ever knocked over the can of soda, coffee cup, or dribbled water into your keyboard? Your next step is to pray it doesn’t destroy your keyboard or to head straight to the store to replace it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just give it a bath? You could even get rid of those cookie crumbs, finger prints, and all of those gross little things which have fallen on your keyboard. Logitech’s new Washable Keyboard makes it easy to clean-up after a spill of when those kids have snacked while playing.

The keyboard has several added features which makes this possible. The first is keys which are designed to keep the lettering intact even when you give them a good scrubbing. The next feature is the drainage slots scattered all over the bottom of the keyboard to make sure it drains out completely.

We all try to behave around our keyboards but we get thirsty and hungry. Sometimes those chocolate covered fingers hit the keys. Sometimes a soft drink gets spilled. Now it does not have to be a disaster. The Washable Keyboard is a huge bargain at less than $40.

Via Logitech