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10-Hour iPad Battery Case, Perfect For People On-The-Go

10 hour ipad battery case

For those of you who travel a lot or carry your iPad 2’s with you for business or even pleasure, I am sure you guys all run into issues in regards to guaranteeing the life of your iPad 2 for a full day. The 10-Hour iPad Battery Case ($150 USD) allows for an extra 10-14 hours of battery power that is built-in. The case also protects your iPad from the wearing and tearing of every day use. To benefit from the extra power, simply flip “on” the switch and voila!

The case is compatible with iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad generation 3, iPhone and iPod Touch. The case includes 5 Li-Ion cells, a nicely crafted leather-look polyurethane cover, 4 segment LED for battery level status, on/off button and a USB-to-micro USB cable.