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16 Famous Television Show Home Floor Plans That Will Blow Your Mind

seinfeld floor plan

Television shows may come and go but the bond that we create as viewers with the characters and sets may last us a lifetime. After watching years of tv shows such as Seinfeld, Dexter, Friends and The Simpsons, I think that we can confidently identify the emplacements and attention to detail that is put into the fabrication of each show room set from my favorite shows. For those of you like us, who have always wondered what some of the most identifiable television shows home floor plans look like, Spanish-based interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde may have the answer for you. Tired of always wondering what the floor plans of his favorite shows looked like, this decorator took to himself to produce some of the most extraordinary home floor plans that we can all enjoy. The collection includes floor plans from Dexter, Friends, Seinfled, Two and a Half Men, The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, to name a few. Each of the floor plans pay a high attention to detail, and not only include the architectural layout of things but furnishing placements. This incredible piece of work is surely appreciated by not only us but fans from all over, so thank you!

The Big Bang Theory the big bang theory floor plan

The Simpsons the simpsons floor plan

Sex and the City sex and the city floor plan

Friends friends floor plan

Two and a Half Men two and a half men floor plan

Up up floor plan

Breakfast at Tiffany’s breakfast at tiffanys floor plan

How I Met Your Mother how i met your mother floor plan

Dexter dexter floor plan

Will & Grace will and grace floor plan

I Love Lucy i love lucy floor plan

Frasier frasier floor plan

Gilmore Girls gilmore girls floor plan

Three’s Company threes company floor plan

The Golden Girls the golden girls floor plan