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A Butt-Shaped Lamp That Turns Off by Slapping or Squeezing It

slap it lamp

For those of you looking outside the box for a funny and creative way to brighten up the darkest of rooms, the Slap It lamp might be the right lamp design for you. This lamp is shaped like a human butt and hilariously works when you squeeze or slap it. This lamp was created by London-based artist Joseph Begley, who claims that the lamp design both combines stress relieving properties, as well as provides light. Using pressure sensors, the lamp functions when you slap, punch, pitch, and squeeze it. And if all that wasn’t appealing enough, you can purchase this lamp in red, blue, white, cyan, green, purple, magenta, yellow, and orange. We think this might but an awesome way to light a funky bathroom in a pub.

Due to the nature of this lamp, it will be in limited production and will cost around £700. So get off your butt and go and buy one at Joseph Begley.



Via Design Taxi