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Automated Sit to Stand Desk


Sitting at a desk for 8 hours plus each day not only takes a toll on our minds, but an equally tough toll on our bodies. Just by rotating between sitting and standing can make a dramatic difference in  your productivity and after work energy levels. How can you manage that?

The Stand Desk is a design created by Steven Yu to solve his own problems after a motorcycle accident. He needed to be able to rotate between sitting and standing, but without bending over, or needing to hand crank a desk up and down. The Stand Desk uses a simple electronic lift system to allow you to adjust the height in seconds, and do it smoothly enough that  you don’t even need to move  your coffee cup. The project is currently raising funding through Kickstarter, and has exceeded its goal by sixfold. You can reserve your own desk starting at just $389, which is no higher than a standard office desk, simply amazing.





Via Kickstarter