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Balcony Computer Table

balcony desk

Look outside your apartment window. You see that little balcony? Imagine that being the coolest outdoor office for getting a little work done while you enjoy the breeze and glance down to watch people playing in the pool. The Balcony Computer Table slides over the rail of your balcony providing a secure, level, and large work space without wasting your entire balcony area. Its plastic design means it can stay outside around the clock. The top has slots for potted plants so you can have some great looking greenery and dress up your patio. If you have always wished you could do a little work outside, but never thought you had enough room, the Balcony Computer Table from Balkonzept makes it possible.

You can order your Balcony Computer Table from Balkonzept for around $185.

Via Balkonzept and Werd