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Best Earbuds: iWave ECO-200 Wooden Earbuds

best earbuds iwave eco 200 wooden earbuds

Earbuds can get pretty boring.  White plastic, black plastic, an assorted other colors of plastic.  iWaveAudio has come out with a very cool looking set of wooden earbuds.

iWaveAudio is known for their ultra cool iPhone and iPod accessories along with many other cool gadgets for guys.  Their wooden earbuds with very impressive statistics including the natural wood housing, an inline volume control, high definition sound, and even a microphone.  The frequency response is 20-20000khz making their range not quite as impressive as the best earbuds on the market but most of us would never know. 

iWave has several other sets of wooden earbuds in their Grass Roots collection.  You will find several other colors and types of wood giving you great choices.  All of the wooden earbuds have the same basic audio specifications so your choice will come down to appearance.

Via The Fancy can be purchased through iWaveAudio