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Best Flashlight Ever

best flashlight ever

What makes the Best Flashlight Ever for real men? Some of us will probably envision that heavy duty flashlight with a half dozen D batteries which could be used as a serious weapon. Others probably think of a ultra-bright miniature LED flashlight. For guys who are really serious tinkerers though, what could be better than a flashlight which looks like you grabbed some junk out of the garage and created your own flashlight?

The Best Flashlight Ever is created out of a piece of wood which appears to have been hand whittled to size. The end is encased in a piece of steel pipe fittings or other steel scrap. Inside this insidious looking masterpiece is a small LED flashlight which produces a bright beam of light and can maintain a charge for up to 60 hours.

Do you know someone how is always using duct tape and wire to fix everything? The Best Flashlight Ever would make the perfect gift for them, even if that person is you. The flashlight is being created through a KickStarter project. You can get your own kit for a donation of only $49.