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Bill Amberg Black Leather iPad Bag with White Piping and Lining

Black Leather iPad Case

Looking for an iPad Bag which provides simple classy style and outstanding protection?  The Bill Amberg black leather iPad bag with white piping and lining.   This great looking bag measures 8″ x 10″ to perfectly cradle your iPad and keep it safe from damage.

Bill Amberg’s British artistic flair with leather shines through in the iPad bag.  The only curiosity is the press stud fastener.  You may wish to be careful to put the fastener to the backside of your iPad to make sure you do not press to firmly against the screen. 

If you like this simple and elegant creation from Bill Amberg you will be limited to getting it from only one place.  He only offers the bag through an exclusive arrangement with Mr. Porter.

The carefully crafted black leather iPad bag  is available for 150 GBP or about 242 USD.  Does your iPad deserve this level of elegance?

Buy via Mr. Porter