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Black Octopus Chandelier by Maria Grazia Rosin

black octopus chandelier

What are you going to do for lighting in the room you put all the cool Octopus furniture we have highlighted recently. You need something stunning, bold, and with tentacles. Maria Grazia Rosin charmed black and red glass into becoming an adventurous Black Octopus Chandelier. Maria’s creation has six sucker covered legs with one leg pushing straight up to the ceiling to hold the chandelier in place. The black body ends with a red protrusion, possibly a tongue, extending from the globe of the chandelier. The chandelier is a large 163 cm tall and 132 cm wide.

Rosin blew the glass, hot formed it, applied, and assembled all the pieces by hand to create an artistic chandelier that would be perfect hanging over your room filled with animal furniture.

Via Corning Museum of Glass