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Burned Logs Transformed into Stools

burnt charred stool design

Kaspar Hamacher created unique furniture that amazes people with their simple but elegant styles, but the Ausgebrannt stool stands alone in its fiery beginnings. Ausgebrannt stands for “burnt out” in German, and there is not better way to describe the stools. The stools are created from a large log which is carefully turned to size. Then hot coals begin their work. The builders at Kaspar Hamacher burn away the center of the log leaving four legs and the seat. The blackened underbelly of the chair adds a beautiful contrast to the light woods color and grain. No two Ausgebrannt chairs are alike. They vary in height, diameter, and design since each chair starts with a rough log and the inconsistency of fire.

If you have been looking for a stool with a unique appearance and a manly burned smell. the Ausgebrannt by Kaspar Hamacher is an excellent choice.



Via Dornob and Kaspar Hamacher