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Carbon Fiber Apple Wireless Keyboard Conversion

Carbon Fiber Apple Wireless Keyboard

Carbon Fiber is one of the best design statements around today.  It is tough, durable, stylish, and looks great.  Carbon Fiber Magic has taken the material and created a product which transforms your standard Apple wireless keyboard into an awesome looking keyboard with real personality.

Carbon fiber does not only make your keyboard look better but it feels great to your hands, also. It gets rid of the cold, plastic, impersonal feel of the keyboard and gives it a softer feeling edge.  The carbon fiber conversion kit is very economical costing only $12. 

This conversion kit includes the vinyl backed carbon fiber cover with adhesive back.  You just peel off the backing and apply it quickly to your keyboard.  It normally takes less than one minute to apply.

After transforming your keyboard it goes from being a standard looking accessory to one of the best gadgets to have with your Apple computer.  Make sure you check out the Carbon Fiber Mouse another of the cool gadgets from Carbon Fiber Magic at the some time.

Via The Fancy can be purchased through Etsy.