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Case-Mate Titanium iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 Titanium Case by Case Mate

Describe the perfect material to make the best iPhone 4 case of all time.  For most of us technology freaks there is nothing quite like titanium to create a beautiful, durable, solid case. The Case-Mate Titanium iPhone 4 case is a creation you are going to really enjoy.

This Titanium iPhone 4 case is machined out of a single piece of titanium instead of multiple blocks or metal.  The case is very minimal in size wrapping only around the outer edges of your iPhone.  The one item which may be slightly negative for a few people is the need for minor assembly.  You need to use a micro screwdriver to get the case properly attached to your phone and to install the switch covers.  The process is well explained and very straight forward.

Adorning the side of the iPhone 4 titanium case is a simple etched logo which gives the phone another little touch of class. The case sells for $300.

Purchase via Case-Mate