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Catena Wall Clock by Andreas Dober

catena wall clock andreas dober

Do you ever feel chained by time? Andreas Dober must have experienced a few of those moments to inspire his latest wall clock. The Catena Wall Clock removes the chains of time from your shoulder and literally chains time to the clock. This clever design uses a bicycle chain with the hours of the day attached. As time slips by the clock slowly advances the chain using its center sprocket. You see each hours slowly climb to the pinnacle of the clock and then begin its slow descent as it relinquishes time to the next hour.

Figuring out the exact minute with the clock in a matter of guesswork. You would never want to trust this clock design as being accurate to the minute, but that is not the point. The clock is masterful timepiece that enriches a room by reminding us we are not chained to time, it is our servant.

Via UnicaHome