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Ceramic Speakers from Joey Roth

ceramic speakers

Twelve pounds of amazing power is what you are going to own if you grab a set of Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers.  When is the last time you saw a set of speakers made out of ceramic?  Exactly, you never have. Joey Roth has taken a few unusual materials to make a set of speakers which sound great and look awesome.  These cone shaped speakers are made from white ceramic, birch wood, and cork. They utilize a small amplifier for power which is included.  The amplifier almost looks like a tiny stainless steel toaster, but is filled with technology to boost your music enjoyment. The speakers provide 15W of power per channel and have a 1/8″ RCA input.  The ceramic cones make these speakers extremely heavy for their small size. The speakers are not shipping to the general public yet, but the sales page is on Amazon in preparation for their final launch.