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Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger

cloud 9 hanging chaise lounger

You need to take a closer look at the Cloud 9 Hanging Chaise Lounger. Yes, there is really only one point of connection between the lounger and the frame. The chair is hanging, swinging, and almost floating in mid-air. You can swing freely in the chair and enjoy a relaxing ride in the air while you take an afternoon siesta.

The strong curved base counterbalances the Chaise Lounger perfectly to keep you safe as you drift gently back and forth in the chair. The overhead umbrella keeps you cool when the sun is out and helps keep those few sprinkles from a passing cloud from waking you up. The umbrella is collapsible if you decide you want to get a few rays from the sun. The thick poly filled cushions are soft and cool even on the hottest days. The chair is priced at $299.99 from Amazon.

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