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Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher

coffee lights

Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher is simply brilliant, at least to those of us whose minds are powered by coffee. Coffee Lights create a tantalizing display to add to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or for above the coffee bar in a meeting room at your office. The cups and saucer lights provide the right mood and soft lighting to help us get our mornings started and keep our sleep deprived minds on alert at night. Of course, you do not need to be a coffee lover to appreciate this beautiful fixture. Each light has a 20 watt bulb to provide that right balance of adequate light without startling us awake, after all that is the job of the coffee.

The Coffee Lights come in groups of 12 from Anthologie Quartett in Germany for around $275.

Via Anthologie Quartett