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Coolest Gadgets: Carbon Fiber Apple Magic Mouse

coolest gadgets carbon fiber apple magic mouse

Carbon Fiber has become highly popular due to strength, beauty, durability, and finger print resistance.  One of the coolest gadgets you can buy for your Apple today is the Carbon Fiber Apple Magic Mouse.

A really unique factor of this cool new mouse is you have two options for getting one.  You can send in your mouse and have it transformed, or you can buy a new one.  The company offering this unique and highly functional mouse is Carbon Fiber Magic. They now only create the mouse but have other cool gadgets in carbon fiber for your Apple including a keyboard and trackpad. 

coolest gadgets carbon fiber apple magic mouse

To get the carbon fiber treatment on an existing mouse will cost you $29.99 with a new mouse running a very reasonable $99.

The carbon fiber cover comes in 4 different styles including black, graphite, silver, and white.  You will enjoy the way your mouse will feel with the new skin.

Via The Fancy – Order from Carbon Fiber Magic